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Cost Effective and Green

Waterjet cutting uses electricty, pressurized air, sand and water making it very enviromentaly friendly in comparison with other forms of abrasive cutting.

As well as being enviromentally friendly waterjet cutting is very cost effective when compared to plasma or laser cutting, especially when quality of work is considered.

Exceptional Edge Quality

UAS Canada has a Flow 4080 waterjet table with a five axis head. This gives us the abilitiy to provide beveling up to 60° and unmatched acuracy. Waterjet cutting produces a smooth, burr free edge.

Cut Any Material and Thickness

Waterjet cutting is extremely effective at cutting thick materials; such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon & Alloy Steel, Copper & Brass, Plastics & Rubber, Wood & Glass, Granite & Ceramic and more up to 9" thick.

Cut Any Shape + Beveling

Waterjet cutting provided by UAS can cut parts to an accuracy of +/-0.008 inches. Virtually any idea can be brought to life.

As well our Flow waterjet uses a five axis head that can provide beveling up to 60°.

No Heat Damage

Plasma and Laser Cutting causes heat damage that can be disadvantagous when fabricating intricate metal parts. Because waterjet cutting is a cold process heat damage isn't an issue and parts finish a lot cleaner and never have issues tapping.

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First-Rate Customer Service

At UAS we take pride in providing our clients with the best customer service around, with a small company, get-to-know-you feel.

Aboriginal Business - Locally Owned And Operated

Loacated at 29781 Fraser Hwy, Abbotsford, British Columbia when you do buisness with us you are giving back to your community by supporting a small buisness.

Our owners take pride in being a aboriginal buisness of Canada and are proud members of the Chehalis Nation.

Exceptional Quality of Work

Overseen by the head of waterjet sales, Andrew takes great pride in his work and only accepts the highest standards for our clients.

Quick Turn Around Times

Other companies in the industry will take several days or even weeks just to get back to you. We have the resources to get back to you and even make same day cuts when needed.